COVID-19 deaths in the US exceed 1 million. What to do next?

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The US Washington National Cathedral sounded 1,000 times to mark the 1 million Americans that have died in the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is the US’ own failure to respond effectively to the crisis that has led to such a tragic loss of life.

It is common sense to wear a mask against the virus, but the Democrats and Republicans have debated fiercely on it,

which turned many Americans into anti-maskers.

Vaccination is an strong defense too, but there is the anti-vaccine movement in the US.

Instead of covering these, US media outlets are busy boasting of the US’ “achievement”.

All these caused the US medical system to be overburdened.

Add to this, the gun violence and racial discrimination, and US people suffer much.

Yet instead of reflecting on their own errors, US politicians point fingers at China.

Do they feel any remorse that 1 million lives have been lost while they argue over what should be done? US politicians should act instead of just talking, so as to prevent more lives being lost.